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The Five Major Stages of the Auto Body Repair Process

While your car is being repaired at KJ’s Auto Body, it will go through several different stages before it is completed. We want you to be completely at ease while that is happening. You can always call KJ’s Auto Body and we will answer any questions you may have more specifically.

1. Repair Preparation

• Visual Damage Repair Assessment (Estimate) • Insurance Authorization • Order and Receive Parts • Removal of damaged parts • Revisions to Repair Assessment • Insurance Authorization of Revisions

2. Structure and Body Repair

• Correct Structural or Frame Damage • Weld on structural parts • Pre fit bolt-on sheet metal parts • Repair sheet metal

3. Refinishing

• Cut-in parts • Surface preparation • Color and Clear Coat • Rub and Polish

4. Re-assembly

• Reinstall Lights and Trim • Reinstall any parts that were painted of the vehicle • Mechanical systems including suspension alignment and air conditioning • Electrical systems

5. Prepare for Delivery to Customer

• Quality Inspection of all repairs • Clean vehicle inside and outside • Prepare final paperwork