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We can repair almost any car and restore it to the way it was. We work with your insurance company to ensure your car is fixed quickly for a fair price.



KJ’s Auto Body wants to make getting an estimate easy for you. No one wants to go through more trauma after what an accident has already done to them. Stop in, and ourcourteous staff will print you out a free written estimate in just a few minutes. We offer free collision estimates because we do not believe you should pay to know how much your repair will cost. We will explain your rights and options as a consumer so that you can make your own informed decision on repairing your vehicle.

Audatex Collision Estimating and Digital Imaging

KJ’s Auto Body writes estimates using Audatex collision estimating and Digital imaging.Audatex provides you with the most accurate estimate possible. Audatex is one of the major estimating systems in common use and is approved by the insurance industry. We work with all insurance companies and are direct repair with many.

Paint Shop

KJ’s Auto Body is proud of its Clean Air Sidedraft Spray booth used in conjunction withinfrared lights used to bake on finishes. We have a separate mixing room where our paint techs can mix paint that perfectly matches your car. (In fact, all paint matching is 100% guaranteed!) We use Sata and Iwata spray guns to apply the PPG automotive finishes.

Collision Repair

KJ’s Auto Body use state-of-the-art equipment in all areas of our shop for collision repair. We have a twin tower Chassis EZ Liner frame rack with the measuring system. We can repair full frame and uni-body cars, trucks, and SUV’s. We also use Lincoln (ARC) and Miller (TIG) wire feed welders and Thermal Dynamics plasma cutter, capable of repairs on steel. Windshields are repaired or replaced in-house using Essex windshield urethane in a clean, controlled environment.