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“This isn’t just a job. This is a passion. It’s a way of life.”


KJ’s Auto Restoration

There is no such thing as a typical auto restoration project, as every car has its own unique personal history. From the initial factory design and development through the years of maintenance and repairs, each automobile has its own individual strengths and weaknesses. And, since we handle cars from all over the nation, even weather can play a role. Here at KJ’s Auto Body we take great pride in our restorations. We work on Muscle Cars, Classic Cars, Custom Street Rods, Hot Rods, Race Cars, Private Planes or anything in between.

We know that you have many choices on where you could bring your vehicle.

What makes KJ’s Auto Body stand out is the fact that we take great pride in passion in all of our projects. We treat each vehicle like it is our own. In fact, KJ still has his ‘52 Chevy Pickup Truck. This isn’t just a job. This is a passion. It’s a way of life.